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Ludhiana Pincode / Post Office Search (LUDHIANA, Punjab)

A.P. Basti S.O 141003LudhianaPunjab
Akalgarh B.O 141104LudhianaPunjab
Alamgir B.O 141116LudhianaPunjab
Andlu B.O 141108LudhianaPunjab
Attiana B.O 141107LudhianaPunjab
B.R Street S.O 141008LudhianaPunjab
Babarpur B.O 141119LudhianaPunjab
Baddowal S.O 142021LudhianaPunjab
Bahrampur B.O 141205LudhianaPunjab
Ballowal B.O 141202LudhianaPunjab
Bangsipur B.O 142033LudhianaPunjab
Barhmi B.O 141107LudhianaPunjab
Barmalipur B.O 141416LudhianaPunjab
Barsal B.O 142024LudhianaPunjab
Barundi B.O 141205LudhianaPunjab
Bassian S.O 142032LudhianaPunjab
Bazurg B.O 142024LudhianaPunjab
Begowal B.O 141418LudhianaPunjab
Behlolpur S.O 141121LudhianaPunjab
Ber Khurd B.O 141119LudhianaPunjab
Bhagpura B.O 141112LudhianaPunjab
Bhamipura B.O 142034LudhianaPunjab
Bhanohar B.O 141102LudhianaPunjab
Bharowal B.O 142025LudhianaPunjab
Bharthala B.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
Bhourla B.O 141412LudhianaPunjab
Bhundri B.O 142025LudhianaPunjab
Bija Kalan B.O 141412LudhianaPunjab
Bilga B.O 141120LudhianaPunjab
Binjal B.O 142032LudhianaPunjab
Birk B.O 142024LudhianaPunjab
Bowani B.O 141421LudhianaPunjab
Budhewal B.O 141112LudhianaPunjab
Butaheri B.O 141118LudhianaPunjab
Chajjewal B.O 142030LudhianaPunjab
Chak Mafi B.O 141417LudhianaPunjab
Chakkar B.O 142035LudhianaPunjab
Chakohi B.O 141414LudhianaPunjab
Chaminda B.O 141202LudhianaPunjab
Cheema B.O 142030LudhianaPunjab
Chhandran B.O 141113LudhianaPunjab
Chhapar B.O 141204LudhianaPunjab
Chhounta B.O 141126LudhianaPunjab
Chhourian B.O 141121LudhianaPunjab
Daba Road S.O 141014LudhianaPunjab
Dad B.O 142022LudhianaPunjab
Daherka B.O 142034LudhianaPunjab
Dakha S.O 141102LudhianaPunjab
Dallah B.O 142035LudhianaPunjab
Dangian B.O 142035LudhianaPunjab
Dehlon S.O 141118LudhianaPunjab
Dewatwal B.O 141102LudhianaPunjab
Dhaipai B.O 142029LudhianaPunjab
Dhamote S.O 141413LudhianaPunjab
Dhanansu B.O 141112LudhianaPunjab
Dhandran B.O 141116LudhianaPunjab
Dhatt B.O 141101LudhianaPunjab
Dhindsa B.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
Doburji B.O 141421LudhianaPunjab
Durgapuri S.O 141001LudhianaPunjab
Gaddowal B.O 141112LudhianaPunjab
Gahaur B.O 141102LudhianaPunjab
Ghaloti B.O 141419LudhianaPunjab
Ghangas B.O 141419LudhianaPunjab
Ghawaddi S.O 141206LudhianaPunjab
Ghulal S.O 141124LudhianaPunjab
Ghuman B.O 141104LudhianaPunjab
Ghungrana S.O 141204LudhianaPunjab
Gill S.O 141116LudhianaPunjab
Gondwal B.O 141109LudhianaPunjab
Goslan B.O 141411LudhianaPunjab
Gujjarwal S.O 141202LudhianaPunjab
Guram B.O 141206LudhianaPunjab
Gurreh B.O 142023LudhianaPunjab
Halwara S.O 141107LudhianaPunjab
Hamaunpura B.O 142022LudhianaPunjab
Hambowal B.O 141115LudhianaPunjab
Hassanpur B.O 141102LudhianaPunjab
Hathur S.O 142031LudhianaPunjab
Heddon B.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
Heeran B.O 141112LudhianaPunjab
Hissowal B.O 141422LudhianaPunjab
Hoal B.O 141414LudhianaPunjab
Iqbal Ganj S.O 141008LudhianaPunjab
Issewal B.O 141102LudhianaPunjab
Issru S.O 141414LudhianaPunjab
Jallajan B.O 141414LudhianaPunjab
Jandi B.O 142033LudhianaPunjab
Jandiali B.O 141112LudhianaPunjab
Jangpura B.O 141101LudhianaPunjab
Jarg S.O 141415LudhianaPunjab
Jaspalon B.O 141421LudhianaPunjab
Jassowal B.O 141116LudhianaPunjab
Jatana B.O 141421LudhianaPunjab
Jhamat B.O 141117LudhianaPunjab
Jhorran B.O 142032LudhianaPunjab
Jodhan S.O 142029LudhianaPunjab
Jodhwal B.O 141115LudhianaPunjab
Jugiana S.O 141017LudhianaPunjab
Junetpura B.O 142033LudhianaPunjab
Junewal B.O 141126LudhianaPunjab
Kaddon B.O 141421LudhianaPunjab
Kalahar B.O 141117LudhianaPunjab
Kamalpura S.O 142030LudhianaPunjab
Khanjarwal B.O 142025LudhianaPunjab
Khanpur B.O 141206LudhianaPunjab
Khera B.O 141204LudhianaPunjab
Kohara S.O 141112LudhianaPunjab
Koom Kalan B.O 141126LudhianaPunjab
Kotala B.O 141125LudhianaPunjab
Kubba B.O 141418LudhianaPunjab
Kular B.O 142023LudhianaPunjab
L.R Market S.O 141008LudhianaPunjab
Ladhran B.O 141124LudhianaPunjab
Lakha B.O 142031LudhianaPunjab
Lamme B.O 142034LudhianaPunjab
Lapran B.O 141421LudhianaPunjab
Latala S.O 141205LudhianaPunjab
Leel B.O 141108LudhianaPunjab
Leelan B.O 142033LudhianaPunjab
Lehal B.O 141117LudhianaPunjab
Lehra B.O 141118LudhianaPunjab
Litter B.O 141107LudhianaPunjab
Lodhiwal B.O 142033LudhianaPunjab
Lohgarh B.O 141203LudhianaPunjab
Lubangarh B.O 141115LudhianaPunjab
Madarpura B.O 142033LudhianaPunjab
Madhopuri S.O 141008LudhianaPunjab
Madpur B.O 141124LudhianaPunjab
Majri B.O 142025LudhianaPunjab
Maksudran B.O 141416LudhianaPunjab
Mal Majra B.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
Malakpur B.O 142027LudhianaPunjab
Mallah S.O 142035LudhianaPunjab
Mandiani B.O 141101LudhianaPunjab
Mann S.O 142023LudhianaPunjab
Mansuran B.O 142029LudhianaPunjab
Manuke S.O 142034LudhianaPunjab
Manupur B.O 141411LudhianaPunjab
Mehdoodan B.O 141418LudhianaPunjab
Millerganj S.O 141003LudhianaPunjab
Mohie S.O 141103LudhianaPunjab
Morkarima B.O 142023LudhianaPunjab
Moti Nagar S.O 141010LudhianaPunjab
Mukandpur B.O 141206LudhianaPunjab
Mullanpur B.O 141101LudhianaPunjab
Muskabad B.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
Nagra B.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
Narangwal S.O 141203LudhianaPunjab
Nasrali B.O 141414LudhianaPunjab
Nathowal B.O 142032LudhianaPunjab
Natt B.O 141122LudhianaPunjab
Nizampur B.O 141413LudhianaPunjab
Nurpur B.O 141107LudhianaPunjab
Otalan B.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
P.A.U. S.O 141004LudhianaPunjab
Pabbian B.O 142023LudhianaPunjab
Paddi B.O 141206LudhianaPunjab
Pakhowal S.O 141108LudhianaPunjab
Pamal B.O 142021LudhianaPunjab
Pamali B.O 142021LudhianaPunjab
Pandori B.O 141101LudhianaPunjab
Panjeta B.O 141126LudhianaPunjab
Pawa B.O 141120LudhianaPunjab
Pawat B.O 141121LudhianaPunjab
Payal S.O 141416LudhianaPunjab
Phalewal B.O 141202LudhianaPunjab
Pherurain B.O 142032LudhianaPunjab
Pohiar B.O 141204LudhianaPunjab
Punjgarain B.O 141115LudhianaPunjab
Purain B.O 141110LudhianaPunjab
Rachhine B.O 141205LudhianaPunjab
Raekot S.O 141109LudhianaPunjab
Rajewal B.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
Rajgarh B.O 141108LudhianaPunjab
Rajgarh B.O 141421LudhianaPunjab
Rangowal B.O 141205LudhianaPunjab
Raowal B.O 142033LudhianaPunjab
Raqba B.O 141422LudhianaPunjab
Rasulpur B.O 142035LudhianaPunjab
Rattangarh B.O 141126LudhianaPunjab
Rattowal B.O 141105LudhianaPunjab
Rauni B.O 141415LudhianaPunjab
Roomi B.O 142030LudhianaPunjab
Rupalon B.O 141421LudhianaPunjab
Rurka B.O 141101LudhianaPunjab
Sadarpura B.O 142033LudhianaPunjab
Sahauli B.O 141105LudhianaPunjab
Sahibana B.O 141123LudhianaPunjab
Salaudi B.O 141417LudhianaPunjab
Samrala S.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
Sangatpura B.O 142024LudhianaPunjab
Sangowal B.O 141122LudhianaPunjab
Sarabha S.O 141105LudhianaPunjab
Sarih B.O 141116LudhianaPunjab
Sarwarpur B.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
Saya Kalan B.O 141118LudhianaPunjab
Seh B.O 141417LudhianaPunjab
Shamspur B.O 141114LudhianaPunjab
Shankar B.O 141206LudhianaPunjab
Sheikhpura B.O 142023LudhianaPunjab
Shimlapuri S.O 141003LudhianaPunjab
Sidhpeeth S.O 141001LudhianaPunjab
Sihala B.O 141125LudhianaPunjab
Sihan Daud B.O 141119LudhianaPunjab
Sihar S.O 141117LudhianaPunjab
Sihaura B.O 141413LudhianaPunjab
Sirthala B.O 141415LudhianaPunjab
Sodhiwal B.O 142033LudhianaPunjab
Sohian B.O 142023LudhianaPunjab
Sudhar B.O 141104LudhianaPunjab
Tajpura B.O 141109LudhianaPunjab
Takhran B.O 141115LudhianaPunjab
Thakarwal B.O 142022LudhianaPunjab
Threekey B.O 142021LudhianaPunjab
Tibba B.O 141120LudhianaPunjab
Tihara B.O 142033LudhianaPunjab
Tossey B.O 141105LudhianaPunjab
Tuggal B.O 142023LudhianaPunjab
Uppal B.O 141113LudhianaPunjab

What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.